A Rambunctious Festival of Epic Verse

5th July 2024

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CELT Creativity Partnership
At CELT we want to give every child in every one of our schools both the opportunity and the courage to express their individual creativity with confidence.
Our first event, A Rambunctious Festival of Epic Verse, assembled primary, junior and secondary academies from across the Trust to bring poetry to life with captivating recitations and dramatic interpretations.
The idea behind the event was to showcase the outstanding talents of our young people and show poetry in a whole new light.
What is Creativity?
The capacity to imagine, conceive, express, or make something that was not there before
Creativity is essential to all disciplines, not just the arts. Without creativity, the world would not have made such huge advances in science and technology, in engineering, art, mathematics. We would have no Covid vaccines, no international space station, no paintings on the Sistine Chapel ceiling, no computers, no internet. 
A magical evening of joy
Working together, the Rambunctious Festival of Epic Verse brought to life something that gave every child involved a memorable experience and a chance to shine.
The audience was transported to the circus before journeying to a land filled with mystical creatures through children's imaginations.  Performances told of Mother Nature's power and the heroes we aspire to be like.  Ancient Greek gods were brought to life on stage before returning to Cornwall to celebrate the county's myths and legends.
The pupils performed with confidence and professionalism to a packed theatre, a testament to the dedication and commitment of staff from across the Trust.
This was the first CELT Creative Partnership event and it has sparked joy, ignited creativity and given children a platform to showcase their performances going forward.  We are looking forward to future projects and continuing this collaborative approach to creativity with our academies.