Over 200 pupils attend CELT Sports Event

19th September 2023

On Tuesday 19th September, over 200 pupils from junior and primary schools within CELT, took part in a KS2 Sports Event at Poltair School.
The event gave pupils the opportunity to develop a range of physical, social and emotional skills whilst also having an enjoyable experience.
For this event, the schools did not compete against one another but instead, teams were mixed with representatives from all of the schools attending.  This encouraged pupils to socialise with others from different CELT schools and learn to work together as part of a team.
Organiser, Mr Boynton from St Mewan CP School, said "It was great to see the children getting to know one another as well as recognising people that they already knew from outside of their school."
During the day, each team completed four different activities, showcasing their skills. Points were awarded throughout the activities with the Red Team victorious.
The Sports Leaders Team from Poltair School helped to set up and lead the activities as well as support the pupils throughout. It was impressive to see these young people already showing leadership skills beyond their years. Thanks must also go to Poltair School for hosting the event and helping to facilitate everything needed to provide this opportunity to so many school children. 
A final thank you must go to all of the staff and pupils who attended. The enthusiasm and attitude shown by everyone  was incredible and helped create such a positive and enjoyable atmosphere - despite the rain trying to dampen our spirits!
It was great to see our family of CELT schools coming together to create a memorable experience for everyone involved.