The launch of the CELT Hub School

22nd September 2023

The CELT Hub School is thrilled to announce a successful launch and an enriching first few weeks of operation.
Pupils from Bodmin, Penrice, Brannel and Tretherras have come together to experience a dynamic educational journey like never before. During this inaugural month, pupils have eagerly embraced online lessons in subjects including English, Maths, and Science, along with targeted Pastoral sessions thoughtfully delivered by CELT teachers from our secondary schools.
The engaging virtual classroom environment has fostered growth and learning among the students. In addition to core academic learning, CELT Hub School has opened doors to exciting work experience opportunities for its pupils. They've gained invaluable insights and skills through placements in town councils, hotels, and childcare settings. Fridays have been especially exciting, with pupils making the most of the outstanding vocational facilities at Bodmin College.
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the participating schools and dedicated staff members who have wholeheartedly supported this innovative venture. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from both pupils and parents reflects the programmes immense success. Notably, school staff have observed a remarkable transformation in the pupils when they visit the school on Wednesday afternoons, reinforcing their sense of belonging to the larger school community.
CELT Hub School is committed to continuing this enriching educational journey, fostering growth, and nurturing the talents of our students. We look forward to more months filled with discovery and achievement.
As we move forward, CELT Hub School is committed to providing the best possible educational experience for the pupils who need it the most. To achieve this goal, we have initiated collaborative efforts with key staff in our primary schools. Together, we are working diligently to craft an exceptional KS2 offering that aligns with the unique needs and aspirations of our younger students.
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