A Spotlight on CELT HE

6th November 2023

When Bodmin College joined CELT on 1st June 2023, CELT became the only Trust in the country to offer Higher Education opportunities.

We welcomed to the CELT team Mark Talbot, who had been working in partnership with Falmouth University since 2015 to develop a higher education offer in Bodmin.

The qualifications currently on offer include :

and from September 2024 in partnership with Falmouth University CELT will be offering:

The courses offer students an exceptional opportunity to gain a high-quality education in these dynamic and in-demand fields. With small class sizes, hands-on experience, and expert instructors, graduates will be well-prepared for ​successful careers in digital media, creative writing, and business management.

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The development of CELT HE is so important

Neighbourhoods in Bodmin, Newquay and St Austell are within the top 10% of the most deprived neighbourhoods nationally. In North Cornwall, only 27% of 25 to 34-year-olds are in professional or managerial occupations.

There are currently no Higher Education facilities in the East and North Cornwall area and post-18 pupils are far less likely to access Higher Education. The low cohort-size courses on offer support individual progression and continuation in our community. CELT HE aims to widen access and participation by supporting and encouraging students who might ordinarily choose to leave education at 18 but have the talent to continue to a higher level.

The Student Journey

From the first day of Year 1, students work on real client set briefs, and students often continue their work with clients post-graduation. Every week students work alongside visiting lecturers, who are experts in their field, with incredible industry knowledge and accolades, including Oscars and Emmie nominations.  

The team of lecturers are dedicated professionals who are committed to helping students succeed and provide students with a well-rounded education that prepares them for careers in their chosen fields.


Celebrating the success of Graduates

  • Beth Williams: eCommerce at Anns Cottage - now running a freelance content creation agency working with fashion brands across the UK.
  • Mark Pearson www.markpearson.co.uk : Analogue and Digital photographer. Recent solo show at the Royal Cornwall Museum. New photobook ‘Grey Area’ funded by Cultivator, Arts Council and the European Union.
  • Sam Bellenger www.sblngr.com :  Freelance Music Industry graphic designer with over 350 American musician clients- highlights include Tour merchandise for Lauryn Hill, album artwork and tour promotion (Canada) including music video title cards, for A P Dillon. Album cover artwork for Skrillex.
  • Kaleigh Barclay: CUBS Graphic designer https://no1cubs.co.uk/ responsible for Design and Marketing of the Cornish clothing & coffee company
  • Tara Daunt: Publication designer https://www.createacademy.com/
  • Bridget Rees. Bridget worked on Idenna Creative Agency Briefs in Year 3 (2022-23). Bridget graduated to a full-time job at Idenna. https://www.idenna.com/

 New HE Home from September 2024

Shire House (Bodmin) is not currently being used by the community to its full potential. It requires refurbishment to avoid dilapidation and to enhance its potential for community and educational use. A public consultation has taken place and a feasibility study produced and costed.  A partnership of Bodmin Town Council, Falmouth University and CELT have submitted an application to the Heritage Lottery Fund to develop Shire House as a Centre for Education, Culture and Heritage.

The work being undertaken by the CELT HE team under Mark’ s leadership is an exciting area of development we are proud of.