Governance documents

Articles of Association

The articles set out the charitable purpose of the trust and its governance structure. This includes information about what our trust exists to do, appointing and removing trust Members and Trustees, and establishing committees and local governing bodies. The articles also provide a framework for our trust to act within company and charity law.

CELT Articles of Association

Scheme of Delegation

Our scheme of delegation is the key document defining the lines of responsibility and accountability across our trust. It ensures that our members, trustees, local governing bodies, executive leadership and academy headteachers are all clear about their roles and responsibilities.

The scheme of delegation is intended to be a working document that will be revised and adapted in response to the context and circumstances of our Trust. As our Trust matures, both in terms of governance and operational leadership, the scheme of delegation is likely to change. This recognises the need to be responsive to the changing circumstances and ensures that CELT will continue to best meet the needs of our family of academies.

CELT Scheme of Delegation

Minutes of Board Meetings

Board meeting minutes are more than a general accounting of board discussions; they serve as an official and legal record of the meeting of our Board of Trustees.

Minutes CELT Board 18/03/2024

Minutes CELT Board 07/12/2023

Minutes CELT Board 19/09/2023

Minutes 2022-23

Minutes CELT Board 10/07/2023

Minutes CELT Board 20/03/2023

Minutes CELT Board 06/12/2022

Minutes CELT Board 28/09/2022

Minutes 2021-22

Minutes CELT Board 06/07/2022

Minutes CELT Board 16/03/2022

Minutes CELT Board 08/12/2021

Minutes 2020-21

Minutes CELT Board 14-07-2021

Minutes CELT Board 24-02-2021

Minutes CELT Board 07-01-2021

Minutes CELT Board 09-12-2020

Minutes CELT Board 16-09-2020

Register of Interests & Attendance

The register is a record kept of attendance at trust meetings and the financial interests of our Members, Trustees and Executives. The register documents interests which may potentially unethically or unlawfully influence their official duties.

CELT Executive Pecuniary Interest / Terms of Office 2023-24

CELT Members' Pecuniary Interests / Terms of Office 2023-24

CELT Trustees' Pecuniary Interest / Terms of Office 2023-24