Pages Come Alive: Local Lit Fest Captivates Hundreds of Pupils

28th June 2024

28 June saw St Austell brimming with excitement as hundreds of local pupils gathered to meet their favourite authors at the St Austell Festival of Children's Literature.

Launched just last year, the festival's remarkable success prompted organisers to expand the event from a single day to a vibrant three-day celebration, featuring author talks, book signings, and engaging, creative sessions.

Simon Pollard, Head of Carclaze C.P. School and the driving force behind the festival, envisioned the event as a way to foster a love for reading among families and build a community centered around books. Along with a dedicated team of volunteers, Mr Pollard is committed to inspiring the local community to embrace reading for pleasure.

“We’ve had a blast, and I think it’s safe to say that overall the festival was a HUGE success. Together, we brought St Austell and Cornwall alive with the magic of reading,” said co-organiser Julie Sykes.

The need to promote reading for pleasure has never been more urgent. Research from the OECD highlights that reading has the greatest impact on children's future prospects, yet the percentage of children reading for pleasure daily has plummeted from 38% in 2012 to 23% in 2021.

The St Austell Festival of Children's Literature seeks to reignite children's passion for reading through its annual festival and year-round events.

Planning for the 2025 festival is already underway!