We feel that there are significant benefits to being an ECT at Cornwall Education Learning Trust and with more than 70 ECTs, the Trust is committed to invested in developing excellent teachers.
CELT not only shapes the teaching journey of ECTs but also provides a supportive network to prevent loneliness and foster connections that enhance professional growth. Regular ECT networking events and CPD help to forge camaraderie amongst colleagues who are in the same career phase. It provides opportunities to share experiences and learn from others who truly understand the joys and challenges of being an ECT.
We have dedicated ECT mentors, who offer personalised guidance and support. Mentors are not just there during the statutory induction process but also as ECTs progress beyond their initial years of teaching, helping them to navigate challenges and reach their full potential.
We place a strong emphasis on research-informed practice, ensuring that ECTs have access to the latest educational research, evidence-based strategies, and innovative pedagogical approaches. By taking an evidence-based approach it ensures that new teachers truly makes a lasting impact in the classroom.
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These are delivered by Hayley Bissenden and are held at the Atlantic Centre, Newquay, 16:00 - 18:00
  • Seminar 1 - Wednesday 4th  October 2023
  • Seminar 2- Thursday 7th December 2023 
  • Seminar 3 - Thursday 1st February 2024 
  • Seminar 4 - Wednesday 13th March 2024 
  • Seminar 5 - Thursday 23rd May 2024 
  • Seminar 6 - Wednesday 10th July 2024