Whether you're just starting out or already have some experience, at CELT we offer a range of Governance courses designed to fit your needs. 
Our selection of Governance sessions aim to provide quality training and networking for everyone involved in school governance across the Trust.

CELT Governance Training Programme 2023-24

Summary of training available
Course 1: Induction for New Trustees/LGBs
Course 2: Introduction to Safeguarding Tier 2 Training (Mandatory)
Course 3: LGB Chairs Training
Course 4: Governor Monitoring
Course 5: Understanding your School's Data
Course 6: Understanding you Governance SEND Role
Course 7: Understanding Your Governance Safeguarding Role 
Course 8: Safer Recruitment
Course 9: Governor Health & Safety Training
Course 10: Exclusion Panels
Course 11: Complaints Panels
Course 12: Disciplinary Panels
Course 13: Board Self-Review
 How to book
If you would like to further information about any of the training, contact Christie